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Good technical condition of machines for sale results from our longstanding experience. We have been using only original manufacturer spare parts. We have numerous models of ILLIG machines currently for sale, ready for immediate pickup.

For customers who plan to pack their products we are able to prepare technology as well as a set of tools essential for manufacturing.

Advantages of ILLIG machines based on our own experience:

  • reliability,
  • durability (machinery manufactured in 1960’s can still be encountered in operation),
  • quality: only the best materials and technologies are applied in the manufacturing process,
  • machines are designed with a particular focus on ergonomics, product quality and productivity,
  • Second-hand ILLIG machines are in high demand on the market and are quoted at high prices,
  • Perfect quality of produced blisters,
  • Repetitiveness of the production process allows to minimize material loss,
  • Low operation costs,
  • Many satisfied customers worldwide,
  • Availability of spare parts,
  • Excellent quality-to-price and capacity-to-price ratio.

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