Illig R 45 automatic thermoforming with cutting press

This relatively small machine is a fast-running pressure-forming unit. It can be supplemented with a DSB press dedicated to cut any shape, and a blister sealing line HSA.


Heating of the foil is executed through two-sheet contact heating.
Electronic regulation unit allows control and maintenance of the temperature of the heating sheets in the range of 50-200. The forming unit is constructed of two mobile tables with a regulated travel of closure, pneumatically driven with a smooth regulation.
The foil is formed when the air is sucked out from between the form and the foil.
The vacuum can be applied both to top or bottom table, which allows to find the most effective placement of the form in the following stage of division.
Both forming tables have a water-cooling system installed, which enables use of simple, non-cooled forms in the machine.
Transmission of the foil is done via travel of the complete heating-forming unit. The travel is executed by a pneumatic travel unit. Initial transmission is also done by a closed forming table and heating sheets. This operation prepares the foil to meet required parameters. While the transmission is executed the foil is preheated and preformed before the next operation.

Basic technical data:

– Max. forming area: 230×420 mm
– Max. depth: 50 mm
– Max. width: 450 mm
– Max foil thickness: 1 mm
– Max. productivity: up to 18 cycles/1 minute

The ultimate speed depends on the material used, the shape of the elements manufactured, as well as the size and condition of the machine.

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