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Prevention of webbing

Webbing is prevented just by setting on the machine: – reduce compression speed, – prevent too fast cooling down of material. Webbing is prevented by screens in the clambing frame: – limit forming area, so that geometrical compression conditions will be more favourable, … so that the “initial tent” will be smaller. Webbing is prevented […]

Positive and negative forming

During thermoforming process only one side of the processed material contacts the mould. Its shape and texture are therefore reproduced on the surface of formed sheet or foil. Depending on the side of material that contacts the mould we deal with positive or negative thermoforming. During positive forming the inside of the blister becomes an […]

Table for the Thermoformer

What is the blister?


What is thermoforming?

Thermoforming technology basics Thermoforming is a process, in which the plastic film or plates are pre-heated to a certain temperature that softens them  in order to be formed into products of specific shapes. Due to relatively simple and cheap processing this technology is commonly used in large-scale production. Depending on the technical solutions required and […]

What is a blister?

There are products that do not require fancy packaging. A blister makes a perfect solution in such case.  Blisters are formed in accordance with products dimensions. They display the products inside in a clear and appealing way. All details of the product are visible without removing the packaging. Take a look at our gallery we […]