What is a blister?

There are products that do not require fancy packaging. A blister makes a perfect solution in such case.  Blisters are formed in accordance with products dimensions. They display the products inside in a clear and appealing way. All details of the product are visible without removing the packaging.

Take a look at our gallery we present packagings made of hard plastic foil. Material in use is usually PVC or PET, colored or transparent. Its thickness usually varies between 0.2 – 0.5 mm. Construction of the blister enables sattaching it to cardboard by sealing it or inserting into slots in foil.

Blisters have numerous forms, they can be sealed, closed, snaped, inserted or glued. Packaging of such kind are: sealed with the cardboard, blisters with folded edges, capsules, little boxes with separate or joined lids, and bottoms.

Blisters make a simple yet common type of packaging. They lack the charm that is provided by the carton packaging, various colored bags or sophisticalyy printed packages with labels and graphics.

Yet they are a very good solution when the most important detail is the product displayed inside.

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