Illig SB 100 and 125 skin-blister thermoforming machine

Machine type SB 100-c3

– forming area: 500×960 mm
– height of forming (when automatic trimming is applied): 100mm
– max. number of cross-cuts on one work surface: 10
– cutting accuracy: +/- 1.5 mm

This machine is used to manufacture packagings for elements such as screws, bolts, engine parts, toilet inserts, fragrance dispensers, pens, curtain rods, tools, locks, padlocks and others.

This machine produces Blister and Skin type packagings. It can be also used to form thermoplastic sheets up to 2mm thick. The construction of the machine is modular. Depending on the type, additional modules are used to cut ready elements on rectangle outline (cross guillotine and longitudinal roll knives) or any shape (using a press and a cutter). This machine can operate in an automatic mode.
There are several versions of machine available, depending on the size forming area:

SB 53- 405x500mm
SB 74- 505x775mm
SB100- 500x960mm

Please contact us so that we can match the machine to your needs.

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