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Illig SK 74 skin-card execution

November 30 2009 No Commented

Machine type SK 74c This machine is used to produce packagings for element such as screws, bolts, engine parts, toilet inserts, fragrance dispensers, pens, curtain rods, tools, locks, padlocks and others. SK 74c machines were constructed particularly for packaging various elements using Skin technology with the use of various cardboard types and corrugated paper. The […]

Illig SB 74 skin-blister thermoforming machine

November 30 2009 No Commented

machine type SB 74-c3. Specifications: forming surface 505 x 775 mm height formation using an automatic cutting of 100 mm maximum number of transverse cuts on one of the tabletop 10 pieces cutting accuracy + / – 1.5 mm On this machine are made of container elements such as bolts, screws, connectors, engines, parts, toilet […]