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Illig HSP 60 blister heat sealing press

November 30 2009 No Commented

This is a thermal sealer used to seal plastic blisters to cardboard covered with a dedicated varnish. It is a one-section machine with a large table. The blisters with products placed inside are fed into the sealing unit by operator and the remaining actions are performed by the machine according to input parameters. Basic technical […]

ILLIG machines – types

November 30 2009 No Commented

Machinery that we offer is manufactured by a German company ILLIG, which has been specializing in construction of thermoformers for over 60 years. These reliable machines have an impeccable reputation in Poland and worldwide. Advantages of ILLIG machines: reliability, durability (machinery manufactured in 1960’s can still be encountered in operation), quality: only the best materials […]