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Skin blister product packagings

February 9 2010 No Commented

  This type of packaging is a safe and attractive solution both from merchandising and protection point of view. It comes in handy in case of impressive-looking products such as toys, beauty products as well as technical goods such as hinges, bolts, tools and others. BLISTER packagings can be divided into types: blisters closed with […]

Skin-blister packagings

November 19 2009 No Commented

Types of skin packaging and blister products provide both protection and an attractive presentation of the offer. Therefore, we take care to attract the eye of the potential customer and encourage them to purchase. Our packaging blister:

  • are made to individual order, so can always be tailored to the needs of each customer and product
  • are always made from the highest quality materials, making them visually attractive and durable