Plastics thermoforming
is our specialty.

We specialize in using thermoforming technology to produce a variety of stamping designs,
used extensively in almost every industry.


Thermoforming is the name of a technological process in which products of specific shapes are formed from flat films or sheets, preheated to a specific temperature, characteristic of the material. Another common name for thermoforming is “vacuum forming”.

Relatively inexpensive and highly efficient processing makes thermoforming widely used for both packaging and technical components – such as machine housings, car interiors, tubs, shower trays, logistics pallets for internal and external transport, etc.

Thermoforming technology is used in almost all industries: from food through furniture, automotive, electrical engineering, gardening to cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, etc.


We have been dealing with thermoforming of plastics since 1995. It is an extremely rapidly growing industry and is also a cheaper alternative to injection moulding.

The advantages of this technique are:

  • rapid production start-up
  • low tooling cost
  • possibility to make a model
  • possibility to produce small series
  • possibility to produce large-size elements
Termoformowanie - taca transportowa

We have our own engineering bureau and we produce thermoformed elements to order, including based on the existing design provided by the customer.  We provide design consulting and advise in selecting the right material.

Our predominant production is:

  • pallets for external and internal transport
  • machine housings
  • box inserts
  • ESD technical components used in the electronics industry, among others
  • vehicle interior components
  • refrigerated counter components
  • blister packaging (sealed or resealable)
  • drawer liners

We provide thermoforming services from materials such as:

  • ABS and HiPS – materials resistant to external factors, non-flammable and slow-burning, resistant to chemical agents, to low and high temperatures, with different surface conductivity of current
  • PET and PVC – highly transparent materials for blister packs, trays, inserts, boxes


Utilizing our extensive technical background and experience in thermoforming, we provide foil and plate stamping services from the following materials.

  • ABS
  • PE, HDPE
  • PC
  • PVC
  • PMMA
  • POM
  • PP
  • PLA
  • PA, PA 6 GF, PA 12

We also offer thermoforming of ESD materials with specific resistance, materials with protective barriers like EVOH, as well as laminated films, such as: PET/PE and others.

Folia do termoformowania


Our Design Office and Tool Shop have the best tools on the market. Both CAD/CAM software and high-end CNC machine tools allow us to take on difficult technological challenges.

For special tasks we also use 3D scanning technology, as well as prototyping of mouldings and stampings on 3D printers.

projekt termoformowanej tacy transportowej

We are constantly developing our Tool Shop by investing in machinery and the support of our engineering team, allowing us to participate in many specialized projects. Close cooperation of the Design Office with the Tool Shop and Production gives the possibility of fast implementation of new elements into production.


We use more than 40 machines in our factory to produce mouldings:

  • ILLIG automated machines for high volume production: RDKP72, RDKP54, RV53, R45
  • ILLIG UA100 and UA150 automated machines for panel production up to 16 mm thickness
  • ILLIG SB74 and SB53 thermoformers in line with hydraulic presses for medium and low volume production
  • ILLIG HSP35 and G.E.A.F. sealing machines for finished product packaging and blister sealing
  • CNC machines for removal machining: lathes, HAAS milling machines, electro-erosion machines and GEISS 5-axis machining center
Termoformowanie tworzyw sztucznych

Thermoforming machines

Sealing machines

CNC milling machines

Plastics grinders

3D scanning

3D printing


Blister pack is formed as a result of heating the material and giving it a proper shape set by the mould. Another term for blister commonly used is stamping or moulding.

It is a product made with thermoforming technology. For the production of blister packs, transparent films, mainly PET and PVC, are most often used due to the possibility of an elegant exposition of the packed product. The possibility of sealing a blister with a box or foil protects goods against accidental opening or theft. For ecological reasons, the snap blister, made of homogeneous and easily recyclable material (PET, PVC) or a blister sealed with another blister or foil of the same type, is becoming more and more popular.

Blister packs are very popular and can be found in practically every market segment. Batteries, toothbrushes, metal items (screws, nails, nuts), cosmetic items (lipstick, mascara, etc.), school supplies, toys, and more are packaged this way.

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